Massage is a dynamic preventative and curative care practice.  At Center Point we offer an array of massage styles to suit your needs.  

Swedish Relaxation

Soothing massage intended to increase lymphatic circulation to support the immune system and relieve stress.

Deep Tissue

Applying focused pressure in effort to unwind problem areas in effort to increase mobility in stressed areas of the body. This treatment is ideal for improving overworked muscles, relieving pain from old injuries, or loosening deeply imbedded knots.

Sports Massage

A designed combination of stretching and active release to alleviate strain in athletes.  Sports massage works well to prevent injuries, serve as a general muscular tune up, and can aid in recovery time.

Nervous System Unwind

Tailored to your preferred massage pressure Nervous System Unwind includes a hand crafted blend of grounding essential oils that calm and balance the nervous system while in the massage and after. 

Sore Muscles No More!

Focusing on tight and sore areas this treatment includes a hand crafted blend of invigorating essential oils that help ease muscle pain.  Alleviate sore muscles in between treatments with a specially formulated salve for you to use at home.  

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can be hard on the body.  Prenatal massage serves to relieve stress and tension with massage focused on the pregnant form.  Lying in a side-line position with pillows for support allows the mother-to-be maximum comfort and relief.    


An ancient technique, Reiki is stratgized energy work that encourages balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit.  Reiki reduces stress, supports the immune system and encourages healing.